Introduction to Collections

Introduction to CollectionsCorner


 There are certain things you want to spend time on when you’re running a business. Collecting money is not one of them.

Thanks to informed advice and in-depth assistance on all aspects of credit control and debt recovery, you can rely on us to secure prompt payment, giving you more time to concentrate on growing the business.

Personalised client management means our dedicated teams of collectors at Oriel take the time to understand your business and your clients. This helps us to achieve results whilst, importantly, maintaining the value of your brand.

Through specialist debt negotiation skills together with consistent levels of professionalism and tenacity, our teams deliver a return on your investment; and are always ready to go that extra mile. We provide a wide range of collections services, including:
• Commercial collections
• Consumer collections
• Niche collections – factoring, insolvency, probate
• Consumer debt purchase

The Collections department are also fully accredited members of CSA (Credit Services Association).

For more information about how our Collections team can help please call 01242 311 021 or email our collections team.

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Commercial Debt Collections

Fully understanding the nature of your business enables us to handle queries and disputes confidently, achieve swift resolutions and maximise returns from overdue debt. We can handle single placement of debts through to the provision of completely outsourced sales ledger management in your name.

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Consumer Debt Collections

We have considerable experience working with a number of organisations in collecting overdue debt; all the time maintaining reputation and brand. Working with banks, building societies and energy companies, we have built up a strong record in the consumer area.

Read more about our Consumer Collections services.

Insolvency, probate and international telecom debt collections

Our dedicated teams support businesses that require the appropriate approach for these individual, sensitive forms of collections. The foundations of our collections business were actually established by working with insolvency practitioners, supporting their collections of ledgers from insolvent companies.

Using specially trained collectors enables us to handle the challenging but growing area of probate collections ensuring satisfactory resolution for all parties.

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Consumer Debt Purchase

We offer a unique solution that allows businesses to offer credit terms to the consumer. We then purchase the debt and provide collections and protection against default by the consumer. This particular service is already being used by businesses such as photographic studios, HIPs (home information pack) providers and training suppliers, enabling
them to signifi cantly grow their business.

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Education Collections

You don't have to go to College to know that the cost of living is rising. And, that self-funded learners will increasingly be attracted to Colleges that offer more flexible payment options. This means much more work - and cost - to Finance Departments. Let us manage the payment plans - at no cost to you! - with FlexEd, Oriel's partnership product for Colleges, that keeps the Finance Department in control

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Your time is precious. Thanks to Oriel’s resources and specialist skills you’re freed up from the burden of money matters. Let us deal with your all-important collections, so you can deal with growing your business. call 01242 311 021 or email our collections team.